Something went wrong… when resetting Samsung phone [SOLVED]

Summary: make sure you are connected to the internet with a good data connection and that your phone’s date and time are up to date 👍👍


I encountered an unusual issue recently while trying to factory reset my wife’s phone. Specifically, every time I would try to reset it or remove the Samsung account, it gave me an error “Something went wrong…”

Finally I realized that my wife’s phone was not showing any internet access over the WIFI connection. This meant that Samsung could not contact their servers to log out of the Samsung account (which is required for a full factory reset).

Next I tried to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection. All other devices worked fine and forgetting/reconnecting did not fix the issue. After some exasperation I realized that the date/time was WAY off on my wife’s old phone (like 6 months) so I corrected the date and time. Voila, everything worked perfectly after that! The phone had internet and I was able to do the factory reset.

If you encounter similar issues, I hope this post helps you!

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