How to add FM radio presets on Ford F150 Lightning [SOLVED]

If you have a Ford F-150 Lightning with the large 12.9″ touchscreen, you may be wondering how to set your favorite radio station presets. The process is not very obvious but thankfully it is easy once you know how.

Step 1. Tune to the station you want to add

Step 2. Press and hold the tile/box that you want to set

After a few seconds the station you tuned to in Step 1 will now be the preset for the tile/box/button that you just chose.

Step 3. Repeat this process for any other stations/channels that you want to add.

I hope this helps you enjoy some great music in your electric truck!

NOTE: these steps also work for Sirius XM satellite radio channels, you can add them as presets as well using the same method.

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