Lowe’s rebate submission help: Invoice # / Dept # [SOLVED]

Lowe’s online rebate submission process asks for four items, a couple of which can be difficult to find for online orders:

  • Sales Date
  • Location #
  • Invoice #
  • Dept #

Here is some help:

Help finding the rebate info

Help finding the rebate info


I hope this helps! 🙂

PS Please note it can take 10 days before your rebate submission is trackable in their ‘rebate status’ section of their site.


  • petrosky

    Note that “dept#” is the same as the “offer #” from the rebate pdf. i.e. the 1st line of the address to which the paper rebate application would be mailed is the dept#. I purchased a refrigerator online and had delivered to the house. The delivery people didn’t leave a cash register receipt and I didn’t know that I’d need it for the rebate application. Doh!

  • Richard Collins

    Thank you for this it was a huge help on an online order. The Store did not even know what the Dept. # was

    • Hi Richard,
      Thank you for your nice comment. I am very glad this tip helped you with your order 🙂

      It would be nice if they made things a little more intuitive!

      Have a great day and thanks again for taking the time to comment.

      Best regards,

  • Eve

    Thank you. This was very useful. I couldn’t find the department number without this website.

  • Gary

    Absolutely correct. On the rebate form itself, it says “Mail To” and then the address for mailing in the form. Under that, it says “Submit Online” and the place for Dept # is filled in with the same number that’s in the Dept. # field in the mailing address. It’s funny that I called Lowes and she needed time to research the answer and I told her, half-joking, that I’d google it and maybe come up with the answer. Thanks for posting this.

  • steve paceman

    extremely valuable post. thank you.

  • Michael Angelo

    Having trouble with dept #. i enter the number from the pdf rebate form under submit online its 99532. same number is at the end the end of the address line 1 under mail to. every time i enter it says invalid for online submission. what gives? thanks for the help!

  • Lissa

    Thank for this post! I had the store manager walking all over Lowes trying to figure out what the Dept # was!

  • chris

    THANK YOU. Was at a loss trying to figure out the dept number.

  • suzy

    This helped a lot! Thank you for this information! Made it easy for me to process rebate online as I didn’t know what a dept# was myself.


    • Hi Suzy,
      Thank you for your nice comment. I am very glad that my page helped you with your rebate 🙂

      Enjoy your rebate and have a GREAT weekend!

      Best regards,

  • Dave

    Just filled out for washer/dryer – Dept. 103909

  • Lauren

    Saved me a huge headache – thanks! Worked perfectly.

  • Margaret Tollett

    Thank you, this helped,
    Now, I need store# also purchased online

  • Onafets

    THANK YOU – can’t beleive that a billion dollar company did not provide any help, but a simple user community did. I have an in-store receipt that is 30 inches long and I had to locate the information in 3 unique spots. Guess it’s too much for Lowe’s to get the rebate website updates with better instructions.

    Biggest tip was that the DEPARTMENT NUMBER is actually the REBATE DEPT NUMBER located on the actual REBATE FORM.

    • Hi Onafets,
      Thank you for your comment 🙂 I am very glad the info on my page helped with your rebate. I too hope that Lowe’s will improve their rebate form and submission process!

      Thank you again and have a great week!

  • Al S.

    Whatever hoops Lowe’s can create for the customer to avoid paying the rebate, they will.

  • Meagan

    I’m so glad i decided to try and Google the answer before calling the store. Thank you so much!

  • Kristin

    Thank you so very much for this! Otherwise, I would never have found the paint department # for a nice rebate.


  • Jane

    Thank you so much for sharing this info. I made an online order for a range and they didn’t give me a receipt when they delivered it so I didn’t have the invoice number. After talking to Lowe’s customer service they said they’d try to find the receipt for me and let me know the invoice number but that it could take them 10 days, maybe even longer. After reading your webpage I called the Lowe’s store that delivered my order and the manager was able to give me the invoice number right away. I never would have though to try that if it hadn’t been for you.

    Customer service also told me that the “sale dates” was the date my range was delivered not the date I made my order online which I didn’t think could be right. I’m glad to see that your page says it is the date the online order was made. If it had been the date of delivery, my order wouldn’t qualify for the rebate anymore and I’d be pretty annoyed since they charged my credit card the same day I ordered!

    Thank so much.

  • Cody Eades

    I am trying to find the invoice number on my receipts to apply for my rebates. I have lost the ones the store printed out for me to mail in but still have my original. I found everything I need on there but the invoice number. Thank you.

  • Emily

    Was getting frustrated with this rebate submission until I thought to google it! I took your advice and it all went through! Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hi Emily, thank you for your nice comment!

      I am so glad that you stuck with it and that my page helped with your rebate submission 🙂

      Enjoy your rebate Emily and have a GREAT day!

      Best regards,

  • Lisa

    I have the same exact story as all the others above. I see that the post is from 2014. I CANNOT believe it’s been 3 years and people like me are still seeking LOWES’s rebate help online. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  • MPB

    Thank you so much for the tip! Saved me making some phone calls. #1 hit on google for “Lowes Department number” and well deserved!

    • Hi MPB,
      Thank you for your nice comment! I am very happy that you found my Lowe’s rebate article and that it helped 🙂

      Have a great day and enjoy your rebate $$$!

      Best regards,

  • I never would have figured out the “Dept #” without your help. Thanks.

  • BL

    I don’t know what you mean by “PDF printable rebate”, but, I finally found on my receipt, it says, “11% back rebate Dept. # 108779”.

    • Hi BL,
      I was referring to the rebate PDFs that Lowe’s provides on their website. Thank you for mentioning that the receipt may also list the rebate department #. 🙂

      Good luck with your rebate and have a great day!


    Thanks so much J.D.! and everyone else that added info! So frustrating that they make it that complicated!

    Very Much Appreciated!

    • Thank you for your Lowe’s rebate comment Jacqueline. It can be frustrating! I am very glad you found what you needed. Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a great day!! 👍

      Best regards,

  • Betsy

    Thanks to this post and the comment from J.D. on 10/23/2017, I was able to deduce how to find the dept #. It was not listed on my receipt nor was it listed on the very small sticker rebate offer attached to the batteries I purchased.

    I ended up finding the dept # by searching through the current rebate offers at Lowes rebate site. Once I found the rebate offer, bingo! the dept # was printed in the pdf.

    Thank you J.D.!

  • Travis

    This information is very helpful, and I had a related problem that might help others.

    The online rebate form at https://www.lowes.com/l/rebate-center.html did not work for me when using the latest Firefox web browser, but it did work using the Google Chrome browser. Specifically, I had a problem where the ‘invalid department’ pop up was activated in Firefox but not Chrome when using the same department number.

    This problem may be specific to me, but in case others need to try alternative browsers too…

  • Lawrence Biviano

    Thanks so much JD! One would think the dept.# would be ON the receipt, first of all, if this is what they REQUIRE for online rebates. Not EVERYBODY prints it out and uses snail mail. (Sorry USPS, but lets face it)
    Anyway, I have already been through this frustrating procedure once before, but didn’t remember how I resolved it, (as someone mentioned the store employees didn’t even KNOW their depts.) Luckily, i googled “lowes department numbers” and came up with your site. I took the time to post this because it saved me much more time then posting, and fugghetttaboutit the tons of frustration! Thanks again.

  • Jennings Groah

    Why does Lowes make it so difficult to obtain rebates ?

    • Good question! I assume it may be to reduce the number of people that actually get a refund. Thereby saving Lowe’s (or the manufacturers) money.

      Best regards,

  • Grant

    Thanks JD!
    Exactly what I was looking for.
    Would’ve been hard to figure out without your post.

  • Barbara Verley

    THANK YOU so very much for all your time and effort in helping so many of us who also are having trouble finding such a simple piece of information! I received an email stating: “The receipt did not indicate a qualifying purchase.” which required the Dept. # as well. I found the number when I went to the REBATE SUBMISSION site where you can either submit a rebate, check on a rebate, or check for current rebates. When I checked on this rebate, THAT is where I found the DEPT. #! Wow. Way too much work and frustration, Lowe’s, for such a simple piece of information! Nicely done, J. D. HODGES! =) PS – We went to our local Lowe’s recently to ask for their help at Customer Service. Guess what? CS does not have anything to do with REBATES nor did she offer any assistance. Not much CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thanks, again, Sir! =)

    • Thank you for the excellent info, Barbara! I appreciate you sharing your tip and I am VERY happy that you stuck with it and that your rebate was successful. 🙂

      Have a GREAT weekend and thank you again for your kind comment!

      Best regards,

  • Gordon Slone

    Thanks for the help, it was critical to me to send in my rebate.

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