Shipping container modular ceiling installation [video]

[please scroll down for the video]

Samantha and I are considering shipping container (ISBU) construction for our garage and possibly our new house. We currently have an 8’x20′ container that we mounted our solar (PV) panels on top of and inside we have our batteries, inverter, etc.  We also use it as a simple storage container.

But when taking the container concept beyond storage/utility into a more advanced structure, there are some issues. One problem with building with ISBUs is that there seem to be no widely accepted ‘best practices’. Everyone has their own method and some seem pretty stellar while others appear lacking.

Along those lines, here is a video showing an interesting method of building ceiling panels which are buildable by one person and installable by two people.

Overall the final product seems effective from both a cost and utility standpoint. 🙂

NOTE: Please be aware there are some potential health issues related to the flooring and paint used in storage containers. If you intend to live in, or spend significant time in, a storage container then please first research how to mitigate these issues (removing the flooring, dealing with the paint, etc.)

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