Work update from paradise

I may be in Hawaii, I’m still doing as much or more work as usual. It’s just a lot warmer here ;-).

Today I’ve been working on some simple improvements for NetRender (NR), it’s a site that sells hi-res textures. John is my partner on the site and we try to improve the site anytime we can.

NetRender Logo

Here’s what I’ve been up to:
+backed up everything (as part of our periodic backup schedule)

+removed the credit card logos from the sidebar of texture sample pages:
(previously the credit card icons would get overlayed onto textures when the textures were really big. It looked pretty yucky, and really we only need the credit card icons on the product/ordering pages)

+removed the “subpage” listing on the shopping cart:
(this was over at the side and used to list “transaction results” and “checkout” etc. but those links weren’t really supposed to be clicked… I think this will be less confusing for people)

+revised the text at the top of sample pages
I think it’s more straightforward and lets people know that the image is only one of many, and that they can buy the image…

+removed the “attachment” text, pages like
used to say:
NetRenderTrees Vol 1 > Attachment: Tree from NetRender
but now it says:
NetRenderTrees Vol 1 > Tree from NetRender

+Added some new administrative features.

+Implemented keyword tracking and storing (this stores the keywords that people are searching for to find out pages)

-I’d like to finally get coupon (discount) codes enabled soon. (it is just a tricky thing to implement with our site…)

-I need to improve (and enlarge) some of out texture samples

-We’re also planning either a new free texture site, or a NetRender free texture section.

Non-work update

Hawaii is spectacular! This is the first day I’m staying in and not walking/biking around the Island, however, I did do my P90X ab-ripper workout and Samantha did her 30 day shred workout.

I though I might get bored in Hawaii, but I was wrong :-).

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