Hawaii: Day 0 (Departure)

Outside the Springfield Airport

We’re in the Spfd airport, warm and out of the snow.  Our flight is now scheduled for 8AM (instead of 7:40AM). Apparently the crew was delayed getting in the night before. They are required to get a minimum amount of rest, so our flight is slightly delayed. We’re all for the crew having plenty of rest, so no biggie :-). The new Springfield terminal is pretty nice, power (AC and USB) outlets under a number of seats and the wifi can pull down about 700kbs (actual throughput) on downloads.

I liked getting t experience some snow this morning before heading out to warmer climates.

To be updated…

8:24PM (12:24AM central time) UPDATE We’re all settled into the condo in Hawaii! 🙂 The flights were uneventful, everything went smoothly in the air. Once we arrived on the big island we took a taxi to the condo, but it took us a long time to find our unit (it was dark and the  building we needed was behind the tennis courts). We made it though! The place is nice and the shower felt AWESOME after being in planes and airports all day.

Relaxing on the couch

Relaxing on the couch

A big THANK YOU to my mom for taking us up to Springfield and for Kevin and Shannon for letting us stay at their place and for Kevin driving us to the airport so early in the morning. Also, thanks to family and friends housesitting while we’re away!

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