• My favorite thing to do for work is: taking nature photos for NetRender.

  • My favorite work related task is: baking cookies and sweets for my husband!

    *Right now I don’t have a real job…

  • But! When I worked at Spring Valley, my favorite thing to do was ring items up on the cash register. My favorite customers were the ones who’d buy at least 10 items! I also enjoyed putting their purchases in bags.

  • I have to agree with Samantha, I worked at Akins and I loved it! Hmm…favorite part about what I do is constantly learning to communicate in new ways. Whether its developing an identity or designing and developing websites…I just thrive on communication and language. I also love researching and writing.

  • my favorite work related task is watching sales come in from NetRender.com! woo woo!

  • John: I totally guessed that you would say that! I too enjoy the nice emails notifying us how much moolah we made that day. It’s a nice reward for all the photographing we did :-).
    Jessica: I didn’t know you previously worked at Akins. That’s awesome, they’ve got some really good stuff there :-). Your current profession seems to really encompass your passions!

  • My favorite work related task is drafting complex legal arguments. I know that makes me a huge loser, but I thought about it and I guess that would have to be it. Unless I cashing pay checks, but that’s such a cop out.

    So it is drafting legal arguments to prove why I am right and the other poor bastard is wrong.

  • Lesley S.

    My favorite work related task is counting and coloring plants.

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