Good work and play day

The bulk of the day was taken up with business. I woke up early and Samantha slept in. This is a reversal from yesterday where I really caught up on my sleep. After waking up it was time for me to do some hardcore work:

NetRender – We had good sales on NetRender (mainly trees, shrubs & grasses, and flowers) and it turned out be one of our highest grossing sales days yet. – We had a new advertiser, a law firm, come onboard for I helped out one of our bloggers who was setting up phpMyAdmin (a web based database management package) on his blog.

Re-design – I’ve been doing a website conversion from Flash to HTML/CSS and it is almost finished. I am really looking forward to delivering this site to the client because I think it will help their architecture firm and really showcase all the amazing work they’ve done in the St. Louis area.

After work we cleaned up and headed to Mountain View for dinner at the Mexican Restaurant there. We ended up sitting right next to Manda from Birchtree. It was really nice to see her and to get to meet her parents and her son. The food was good too and afterward Samantha got groceries and I picked up a couple things too.

Finally it was time for basketball, our game was supposed to start at 9:30PM but the game before us went into double overtime. I didn’t mind though because it gave us time to catchup with Preston who just moved back here after finishing up with the Airforce.

Once our game finally rolled around we played pretty well and kept the lead the entire game. Unfortunately Toby hurt his hamstring so that is no fun at all :-(. Otherwise it was a good night and I’m tuckered out now.


  • Hey JD,

    Is there any plan to upgrade WordPress on I had an issue with uploading images because of the older WP version, but managed a workaround (


  • J.D.

    Certainly Sandeep, we like for all of our bloggers to have the latest WordPress version. You can do the upgrade yourself, or we’re happy to help if you need us to.

    Also, we should get you upgraded to our newer Apache server. It is faster and more reliable!

  • Mansour

    Hello J.D.
    I have one problem with my weblog in

    When someone comment for my post in my weblog, I do not get and receve it with my email. if you can help.
    thanks for your kind.

  • J.D.

    Hi Mansour, thanks for your comment.

    I am going to email you a more detailed reply, but basically we currently have email sending disabled on to prevent spam.

    However, there are some alternative solutions for being notified of comments (rss, or an alternative email server for sending notifications). I’ll try to help you get something going that works to your satisfaction :-).

    Best regards,

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