Wonderful day full of picnicing and other activities

Yesterday was an absolutely splendid day. It was one of those days where it starts off great and just keeps on being wonderful. Most days are good, but this day was one to remember and to strive to repeat in new and exciting ways.

The day started with some yoga. Samantha is quite adept at yoga, having taken a number of semesters of it at Drury. I am surprised I didn’t take yoga while I was at Drury, because from what I know now it seems like a good place to meet women ;-). I think that may have been my motive for taking “Women in Politics” at Drury, along with fulfilling some global studies requirement. That turned out not to be the place to meet women, but I digress.

For a treat Samantha had gotten me some miracle berries. These delectable treats turn sour tastes sweet, so after quaffing our berries we proceeded to eat grapefruit and lemons like they were going out of style. The grapefruit turned nice and sweet with a great flavor to it, and the lemons were absolutely delicious. We also had some strawberries, which tasted like they had sugar on them. We plan on growing our own miracle berries soon.

After the splendid yoga and miracle berries it wasn’t long before it was time for a picnic outside. For out picnic location we decided to take a short 3-5 minute walk to a nearby spring. Samantha had prepared a lovely picnic basket with homemade (and healthy) pizza rolls, cucumber w/honey mustard dressing, nilla wafers, wasabi peas, a 7up and an orange. It was a delightfully tasty meal that was also nice and light. It would be nice to take at least a picnic a week, I never tire of picnics! Trivia: I took Samantha to a picnic on our first date. 🙂

Post-picnic it was time to lay out a bit on our picnic blanket as the weather was delightfully warm and sunny with just a bit of wind. We meandered back to the house after a short walking detour. Samantha worked out and I did the elliptical for a while. After that we did various sundry other productive things and one particular super-fun thing as well.

We ended the daytime with some Man Stroke Woman (British for roughly “Man / Woman”) episodes and Chilli Ramen with Tostinos cheese pizza. Ridiculously cheap, consistently good. The meal was followed by Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid which is a fun 1982 Steve Martin movie that integrates footage from a wide variety of classic films. We watched the movie on my parents bigscreen.

Come late night, when we got back home, we still weren’t ready for bed. So we got out our little Mitsubishi PK20 LED projector. This projector uses approximately hooks up to a computer/laptop [VGA input] or DVD player [RCA input] and outputs a 800×600 image of up to approximately 60 inches diagonal. It also uses approximately 30 watts (less than most fluorescent lightbulbs). Size wise it will easily fit in a backpack or large pocket, I’d say it’s about the same cubic inches as 1.5 paperback books.

We setup the projector to shine on one of the living room walls that Samantha so skillfully painted. Once setup we watched a couple more episodes of Man Stroke Woman. The image looked great and we enjoyed snuggling together on Samantha’s pimpin new Pottery Barn couch. Afterward Samantha headed to bed and I stayed up to work a bit.

Overall, it was a delightful day full of plenty of relaxation and fun, with just enough productiveness thrown in to make it extra interesting :-).

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