Question: starting P90X workout (and/or 30 day shred)

P90X Question by D.D.

Well, I decided that I’ve sat on my butt too long and need to get healthier. I think it’s that I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks 😛 Anyways, I ordered P90X from yesterday. A friend is wanting someone to do it with him – I don’t think he finished the first week by himself. I know you’ve mentioned it a couple of times on here and was wondering what you thought of the program. I’m expecting it to be hard (I borrowed the first workout just to see what it would be like), but I’ll do as he says and do what I can at my own pace. There’s always the pause button. Hope you’re doing well.


My response to D.D.:

Very, very cool!

I feel your pain… I’m turning 30 myself in August and it seems like a great motivator to accomplish some good stuff  :-).

From your message, it sounds like you have a great workout philosophy. As Tony says “Do your best and forget the rest” :-).

General thoughts on P90X:

+I did P90X to get in shape for a friend’s wedding,  I was doing it 6 days a week and  the results were excellent

-Since then, I’ve been in Hawaii and I haven’t been as motivated to do it consistently (it’s a pretty extreme program)

+I have been doing other workouts that take less time (see below)

+free weights vs. bands – free weights are perfect if you have them, if you don’t them then bands can be a nice alternative (and they are GREAT for when you’re traveling!) For bands,  I specifically recommend these they are well constructed, work well, and should last a long time.

+chinups/pullups – having a good chinup bar is almost a requirement for the upper body portions of the program. Bands don’t cut it for max results IMHO.

+Having a reliable workout buddy will be awesome, it really helps having someone else committed to the program IMHO

+If P90X is done regularly, with good form, then you can’t help but get fit from it

-It is a considerable time commitment and if it isn’t done consistently then its effects will be limited

—-Shorter Workout Alternatives—

If the P90X time commitment is too much, then I’d also recommend:

  • +”10 minute trainer” by Tony Horton (this is something that can easily be done EVERY day, I’ve just started experimenting with it)
  • +”30 day shred” by Jillian Michaels (20 minutes, less extreme, very doable, targeted towards women [but can increase health, tone, and help weight loss for anyone]) Samantha does this workout and I started doing it too…

At first I thought these shorter programs wouldn’t make much difference in my body. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that doing them everyday really made an appreciable difference. I know it’s common sense, but consistently doing something each day is better than doing massive workouts only occasionally.


P90X is hard. Push yourself. Don’t be disappointed if there are a few exercises, mainly pullups for me, that it takes a while to increase reps on.

For me the toughest thing was simply getting motivated to put in the time each day. Once I was in the habit it was fine, but out of habit it was tough :-).


I’d be interested in being a “virtual” workout buddy, i.e. if you setup a schedule let me know and I’d try to do a same/similar schedule. Perhaps we can help motivate each other…?

So along those lines, this is what I’m going to do today:

+”30 day shred” level 1 (20 min str/cardio/abs combo)

+”ab ripper x” (15 min P90X ab routine)

Keep me posted, I’m excited for you!

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    To your success

  • I’ve had a lot of friends try P90x, a LOT. Mostly guys, I think because there aren’t a whole lot of video-workouts with a targeted male slant. Most people have not stayed on it because it is very time-consuming and most found it not a good fit or balance with their other responsibilities. I’m glad to hear you found the Shred useful, I’ve been considering it for weekdays when I might not be able to get to the gym.

    In the end working out is necessary and you have to find or work something into your life that fits and doesn’t fill you with dread.

  • J.D.

    Agreed all around :-).

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