Moving heavy objects

This is just a short post because Samantha and I are getting ready to leave for a wedding in KC.

Back to the subject of this post. Within a couple weeks we’re headed to Tulsa to pickup a Bridgeport milling machine. It should weigh about a ton. I want to post some pictures and descriptions of the moving process, as well as some helpful links to instructions other people have posted on the web…

Other heavy things we’ve recently moved:
+four batteries weighing 1,336lbs each (5,344 lbs)
+three  ton (6,000lb) 8×20 ft container

We’re hoping to visit some of my Tulsa friends, and nearby family, during the trip. I may try to enlist a buddy’s help in the moving process as well, since I helped him move a boat (from the desert, to Tulsa) a few years ago ;-).

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