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Let your kids help!

Child one unloading the dish washer (and putting up the dishes where they go.) One of the best things about being a parent is teaching your kids to be responsible. Chores, jobs, learning opportunities, or whatever you want to call them… they help kids contribute in a meaningful way and they also help kids appreciate their free time. At a friend’s birthday party last night my wife and I were talking with the family’s grandmother. She grew up on a

Welcome to this world

This week Samantha and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world. She’s the most precious and adorable thing I’ve ever seen. You always hear “nothing can prepare you for having a baby”. I have to agree, because I’ve hardly ever had as exciting of a week as this week. Nothing could have prepared me for all the joy, concern and love that was involved with having a baby. This was just the first week, I can’t imagine all

Musings on turning 30

I think this is going to be another good year :-). Photo: sunset in the Ozarks, taken late last month. Intro: I’ve heard that you if you watch someone you can see the story of their life. I’m not talking about what kind of car they drive or how expensive their watch is, I’m talking about whether they are kind to others and whether they believe in themselves. I mean are they as healthy as they can be and do