Does Dell Inspiron 17R SE have two hard drive bays? YES

The Dell Inspiron 17R SE (‘special edition’) laptop is a lovely machine. One of my favorite features is the two 2.5″ drive bays which are easily accessible:

So far RAID is not initially an option in the BIOS, but I think there is a workaround available and will be posting that soon…


  • Docubob

    Thx 4 the nfo. Did urs come w/the extra hdd caddy?

  • Hi Docubob,
    Yes, my 17R SE came with an extra hard drive caddy pre-installed (even though I purchased a single drive configuration). I thought this was quite nice of Dell as many manufacturers do not include the extra caddy.

    NOTE: I did have to supply my own four screws to attach my SSD to the caddy…

    Best regards,

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