Does AMD’s AM1 platform support triple monitors natively? No.

Kabini only supports two simultaneous displays

If you plan on using AMD new’s AM1 platform with a Kabini Athlon or Sempron, be aware that triple display output is not supported. I tried it on my MSI AM1I motherboard just to make sure and sadly only two outputs were usable at a timeΒ πŸ™

So even if your motherboard has DVI + HDMI + VGA, like mine does, you can only utilize TWO of those outputs at once. Not three.

Kind of a bummer, as I would love to drive three displays off of a tiny system drawing very few watts.

QHD etc. on AMD Kabini

I tried connecting my 30″ Dell to my MSI AM1’s DVI port and it definitely does NOT support dual-link DVI, the supported resolutions maxed out at 1280×800 (exactly half of 2560×1600).Β As far as I can tell, none of the Kabini motherboards have dual link DVI support. πŸ™

So if you are planning on using a greater than 1080p display that uses dual-link DVI, like an older 2560×1600 monitor 30″ LCD, you will NOT be able to do it with Kabini unless you have a motherboard with displayport and you utilize an active displayport to dual-link DVI adapter.

On the other hand, if your monitor supports the latest HDMI specs for high-res then Kabini will be able to drive those 2560×1440 displays etc. via HDMI πŸ™‚


  • Brane212

    Not neccesarily. That’s what they said for ordinary ( non-Eyefinity cards) too, but I’m using ordinary HD6850 with triple monitor setup – on Linux. After some headaches,s earching and a bunch of tests with elcheapo adapters.

    At least with ordinary AMD GPUs bottleneck are PLLs. When using non-DP output, ( so VGA, DVI or HDMI or even DP in non-native mode – that is with passive adapter to HDMI/DVI slot) PLL is needed for precise timings that are generated for particular monitor. There are only 2 PLLs, so can have up to 2 independent non-DP picture sources.

    I use 3 monitors in such setup becaue:

    1. All my monitors are the same and use exact same timings, so just one PLL can generate timings for all.
    2. I use relatively fresh linux radeon driver, which takes care of that.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m pretty certain that it would work even with 4-th monitors, if I added another on now unused DP port. SInce monitopr doesn’t have DP input, I’d have to use passive elchapo DP-DV adapter ( basically two connectors ). DP would then generate DVI signals from the same PLL.

    • Hi Brane212, thank you for the great info!

      Very cool to know that AM1 on Linux can support triple monitors πŸ™‚

      A couple questions:
      +Do you have any recommendations for specific motherboards and monitors?
      +Any chance of this working on Windows?

      Thanks again for sharing!

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