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Ultimate triple monitor setup (for work, not particularly for gaming)

While preparing to redo my office, I am planning the “ultimate” LCD monitor setup. Let me clarify that I mean ultimate for my purposes: server management (RDP/SSH/etc.), email, spreadsheets, some image editing, minimal gaming. This is not ultimate in the gaming sense nor is it going to be as wild as some of the setups I have blogged about! UPDATE: 2011.11.01 [end update] Currently I am  using a Dell M6500 docked with a dual monitor setup: 30″ Dell 3007WFP – I

Calculating aspect ratio for LCDs/monitors/projectors etc.

I’m working on a new project to compare computer monitors and especially for setting up ideal multi-monitor displays. The idea is to give you as much information as possible on all the monitors out there (using a database), or if your monitor is not in the DB then accept some basic info (diagonal width and resolution) to calculate all the information you need. So, a basic question for any monitor is: what is the aspect ratio? Here’s how to calculate the