How to find Branson keywords?

Hey JD,

Can you give me a little education on something…

I’m working on some marketing for the resort I am working on in Branson Missouri.

Is there anyway to see what trends or keywords people are searching for when they are looking to vacation in Branson MO? I’m not sure if there is any way you can track that…If there is, we would obviously gauge our marketing material to those kind of key terms.

And my next question is probably an impossibility, but of the people that are looking to vacation in Branson, is there anyway we are able to identify the location that they are from? Is that something an IP Address could tell us? Is there anyway to get that? Obviously narrowing it down to as specific as you can get is the best…..And if you could get me their home phone and address too that would be great 😉 ha!

Let me know your thoughts if you don’t mind.


Hola Juan,

I recommend starting with:

They actually give you the (city) location most commonly used to search for a keywords. It’s all free and you don’t need any data to start with.

Beyond that, to really analyze IP addresses etc. you need to have the traffic/server logs for a site that people are actually visiting when looking for Branson vacations etc. With that data you could find a decent amount of info, mainly where they are from geographically. Detail further than that is going to be difficult to obtain without actually asking the user (i.e. to fill out a survey to enter to win a trip, or to receive an e-newsletter etc.)

Other sites that are related to search keywords:

and they will generate results such as this:

branson attractions
cheap branson vacation packages
branson cabins
branson missouri vacations
branson family vacation
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branson condos
branson packages
branson deals
branson mo motels
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branson vacations packages
branson cabin rentals

I hope this helps some, let me know if you have other specific questions or if I missed answering something…

Best regards,

UPDATE FROM JUAN 2012.06.25 14:48

This is exactly what I was looking for 🙂

you da man 😉 thanks! -Juan

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