Recover files from lost GPT disk NTFS partition [SOLVED] {FREE}

Recently my Dell work laptop failed to resume after sleeping. It still recognized the internal 2.5″ SSD boot drive but it said it was not bootable. I believe the problem was caused by Windows 10.

After removing the drive and connecting to another computer for diagnostics, I was able to determine that no partitions/GPT disk structure was being picked up by Windows. 🙁

Thankfully after trying a ton of recovery options, I was finally able to recover all my files by using TestDisk. Amazingly, the TestDisk software was able to find the partitions and copy the entire contents to another drive. I have since donated via PayPal to the author of the software and I am very thankful for his efforts 🙂

Here are screenshots:

The first screenshot shows 246,466 having been copied 🙂

2015-12-07 15_36_41-C__Users_User_Downloads_testdisk-7.0.win_testdisk-7.0_testdisk_win.exe

The remainder are just various steps along the way…

2015-12-07 11_00_34-C__Users_User_Downloads_testdisk-7.0.win_testdisk-7.0_testdisk_win.exe 2015-12-07 11_00_12-C__Users_User_Downloads_testdisk-7.0.win_testdisk-7.0_testdisk_win.exe 2015-12-07 08_55_17-C__Users_User_Downloads_testdisk-7.0.win_testdisk-7.0_testdisk_win.exe 2015-12-06 23_12_06-C__Users_User_Downloads_testdisk-7.0.win_testdisk-7.0_testdisk_win.exe 2015-12-06 23_05_11-C__Users_User_Downloads_testdisk-7.0.win_testdisk-7.0_testdisk_win.exe 2015-12-06 23_04_14-C__Users_User_Downloads_testdisk-7.0.win_testdisk-7.0_testdisk_win.exe


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