iPad Air cannot access (hotmail) mail server?! [SOLVED]

Q. My new iPad Air stopped downloading my Microsoft Hotmail and now I am stuck at about a month ago on my email! I have it set to download all time email in my settings yet every time I try to download it says something like ‘cannot connect to mail server’. Any ideas? -Ian G.

A. Hi Ian, I am sorry to hear about your Hotmail problem. 🙁 It seems that in iOS7 there are a number of issues with both Hotmail and Gmail, of course some of that may be due to MS and Google… regardless, let us try a couple things! 🙂

#1 Try adjusting your download settings to only download the latest month. If that still does not fix it…

#2 Try deleting and re-adding your Hotmail account to your iPad

Please report back and let me know how things go. Thanks and good luck!



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