Surface Pro 3 vs. iPad air (aspect ratio, screen size, PPI and more)

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 3 tablet today. Some of the biggest changes from the original surface tablets: new screen size and aspect ratio!

The Surface Pro 3 gets a 3:2 aspect ratio which is quite similar to the iPad with its 4:3 ratio. See the table below from for more details:

Manufacturer and model name Year introduced Screen size Screen area Resolution Ratio PPI
 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 2014 12″ 66.46 square inches (10″x6.7″) 2160×1440 3:2 216.33
Apple iPad Air (late 2013) 2013 9.7″ 45.16 square inches (7.8″x5.8″) 2048×1536 4:3 263.92

To really get a feel for the tablet screen size, I put together a little comparison graphic:



The size difference is substantial.

Now all that is left is to see how the Surface Pro 3 feels in hand 🙂 I am betting it is still going to feel a bit hefty, as the first two Pro tablets were quite heavy compared to contemporaries like the iPad Air,  Samsung Galaxy tablet series and ASUS tablets.

Comment below if you have any thoughts on Microsoft’s new tablet!

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