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Google Gmail Auto Responder date selection

Yesterday I was setting up my Gmail vacation responder (Gmail -> Settings -> General -> Vacation Responder) and the date started at July 20th, 2011! Apparently it had been 3 years since I last used the feature 🙂 At first glance I thought I was going to have to click the >> Month button about 30 times. :-(Thankfully after a while I eventually discovered the ‘Today’ link at the bottom of the calendar. Of course clicking THAT link will jump

iPad Air cannot access (hotmail) mail server?! [SOLVED]

Q. My new iPad Air stopped downloading my Microsoft Hotmail and now I am stuck at about a month ago on my email! I have it set to download all time email in my settings yet every time I try to download it says something like ‘cannot connect to mail server’. Any ideas? -Ian G. A. Hi Ian, I am sorry to hear about your Hotmail problem. 🙁 It seems that in iOS7 there are a number of issues with

Gmail Blue, TOO advanced?

It has been unbelievably hard to use such a groundbreaking product as Gmail Blue and not be able to tell the world about it. Now that the NDA has been lifted, I can finally talk a little about Gmail Blue. Before the full review and benchmarks, which I am sure many other sites will have as well, I feel a word of warning is in order: +Sure, I love Gmail Blue. It really is light years ahead of the competition. Nobody else has that much Blue. Period. -So what