How to install telnet for Windows 7 [SOLVED]

I occasionally need telnet to login to a remote power switch at the datacenter.¬†Frustratingly, Windows 7 ships with telnet disabled (or “turned off” in Win 7 parlance).

Thankfully, with a bit of navigating around in Windows, it is simple to turn it back on:

  • Start button
  • Control Panel
  • Programs (Programs And Features)
  • Turn Windows features on or off
  • Telnet Client (scroll down and check the box)

    Turn Windows 7 Telnet on (enable the feature)

    Turn Windows 7 Telnet on (enable the feature)
  • Click “OK”

You are all done and telnet should now be accessible from the command line!

NOTE: if you already have a command prompt window open when you complete these steps, you may need to open a new command prompt window in order for telnet to be accessible…

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