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Access is denied [SOLVED] Command Prompt Windows 7/8/10

Q. Help! I am trying to access a file from an old hard drive on my new machine but when I navigate to the directory on my Windows command prompt I get an ‘Access is denied.’ error message 🙁 Can you help me??? -Megan A. Yes, I believe I can help you Megan 🙂 #1 First you need to start the command prompt as an administrator. You can do this by navigating to the command prompt in the start menu

iPhone 5 unknown device driver windows7

Is anyone out there getting an ‘unknown device driver’ error when they plug in their iPhone 5 into their Windows 7 computer? If so, here is a tip that may help: Make sure you iPhone 5 is disconnected from your Windows PC Open a command prompt: If you are logged in as administrator: Open your command prompt, click Start select Run  Type cmd  then press Enter (this opens a command prompt window) If you are not logged in as administrator

How to install telnet for Windows 7 [SOLVED]

I occasionally need telnet to login to a remote power switch at the Weblogs.us datacenter. Frustratingly, Windows 7 ships with telnet disabled (or “turned off” in Win 7 parlance). Thankfully, with a bit of navigating around in Windows, it is simple to turn it back on: Start button Control Panel Programs (Programs And Features) Turn Windows features on or off Telnet Client (scroll down and check the box) Turn Windows 7 Telnet on (enable the feature) Click “OK” You are all done