Gmail Blue, TOO advanced?

It has been unbelievably hard to use such a groundbreaking product as Gmail Blue and not be able to tell the world about it. Now that the NDA has been lifted, I can finally talk a little about Gmail Blue.


Before the full review and benchmarks, which I am sure many other sites will have as well, I feel a word of warning is in order:

+Sure, I love Gmail Blue. It really is light years ahead of the competition. Nobody else has that much Blue. Period.

-So what is there not to love? Here is a list:

  • System requirements – does your monitor support the color blue? if you are on a B&W display, you are out of luck… e-ink display, out of luck as well…
    • Even if you have a CGA display, you may still have issues as blue, light blue and light cyan are not sufficient to fully implement Gmail Blue
    • For mobile use I went ahead and bought a Google Pixel just so I could truly experience being Blue.
    • For desktop work, at minimum you are going to want something like a Mac Pro and an Apple Thunderbolt Display
  • User adjustment – I have been beta testing blue for 5 years (almost since the pilot program began) and it took me at least 2-3 years before I was comfortable with the power of Blue
    • Some people never fully adjust to Blue and thankfully Google has you covered, they are pledging support for traditional Gmail until April 1st, 2015. Beyond that users may have to switch to an inferior semi-blue alternative.

So, is Google Blue TOO advanced? Yes, it is ahead of its time but that does not mean you shouldn’t use it!

Full review and benchmarks to follow, but suffice it to say once you try Gmail Blue you will not be going back.


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