Flush DNS cache in Windows 10 [solved]

Windows 10 is a wonderful OS, right up there with Windows 7 and one of my favorites. Thankfully, most of the classic commands still work on Windows 10 too 🙂

Here are the steps for flushing the Windows DNS cache in Windows 10:

#1 Open Command Prompt (Administrator account is not required)
#2 Type: ipconfig /flushdns
#3 Press Enter

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache

Voila, your DNS cache should be flushed! Now you can get a fresh resolution of IPs for any domain names you are trying to visit 🙂

PS here is a transcript of an example Windows 10 command prompt session, flushing the cache:
C:\WINDOWS\system32>ipconfig /flushdns
Windows IP Configuration
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.


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