Can I use the HughesNet Download Zone if I exceeded the FAP limit? [yes!]

The Download Zone

One of the best things about HughesNet satellite internet is that every night from 2AM to 7AM EST they have unlimited downloading. HugesNet calls this the “Download Zone” and any downloading you do during that time will NOT count against your “download allowance” as specified in the fair access policy (FAP).

But what if I exceed the download allowance?!

After learning about the download zone, one of the next logical questions is: what if I get FAPed (i.e. exceed the download allowance) can I still download at full speed during the “Download Zone” time period?

The answer is YES, you can still download at full speed during the “Download Zone” time range. Those downloads do not count against your download limit and it will not count against your FAP/recovery time either ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the direct quote from HughesNet:

Can I still use the Download Zone if I have already exceeded my Download Allowance?

Yes โ€“ during the Download Zone, all HughesNet satellite Internet users may download without any speed restrictions, subject to your plan’s rate and available capacity.



Hurrah! The Download Zone is truly a huge advantage has over WildBlue and StarBand. It allows you to schedule large downloads (like the iPad update that I DLed for my wife tonight totaling 741mb!) so that ย they do not cut into your available daily bandwidth.

As discussed in this post, what makes it even handier is that you can utilize the Download Zone even when you have exceeded your plan’s download allowance. ๐Ÿ™‚

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