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Difference between original WildBlue and Exede [explained]

Recently I had some people ask me what the differences are between the original WildBlue and Exede satellite internet plans. The answer: They utilize different satellites and offer vastly different speeds and usage experiences. Exede utilizes ViaSat-1, the most capable commercial communications satellite in existence Launched October 19, 2011 aboard a Proton rocket, it is the world’s highest capacity communications satellite with a total capacity in excess of 140 Gbit/s, more than all the satellites covering North America combined, at the time

Can I use the HughesNet Download Zone if I exceeded the FAP limit? [yes!]

The Download Zone One of the best things about HughesNet satellite internet is that every night from 2AM to 7AM EST they have unlimited downloading. HugesNet calls this the “Download Zone” and any downloading you do during that time will NOT count against your “download allowance” as specified in the fair access policy (FAP). But what if I exceed the download allowance?! After learning about the download zone, one of the next logical questions is: what if I get FAPed

Info about WildBlue and ViaSat-1 upgrade availability

As a current WildBlue subscriber-living way off the grid-I am particularly interested in their new ViaSat-1 satellite and the faster speeds / enhanced capabilities that it will provide. As such, here are some articles on the topic: UPDATE: from what I have read, WildBlue ViaSat-1 residential availability has started in Colorado (or will start SOON… like late Dec early Jan) and then nationwide rollout in February. If anyone else has better/updated info, please post in the comments… thanks!   ViaSat’s