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Differences between original WildBlue FAP & Broadband (Exede) FAP

The orignal WildBlue services uses a rather unusual ‘rolling FAP’ that is pretty hard to explain. The new WildBlue broadband (Exede) uses a much simpler monthly usage reset date. Here are the policies for both old and new WildBlueas of 2012.06.28 followed by an explanation and example where appropriate. –JD Original or ‘old’ WildBlue Plans WildBlue Original Plans: After exceeding either of the usage thresholds, which vary by service package, the speed of your service will be slowed to 128 kbps download

Can I use the HughesNet Download Zone if I exceeded the FAP limit? [yes!]

The Download Zone One of the best things about HughesNet satellite internet is that every night from 2AM to 7AM EST they have unlimited downloading. HugesNet calls this the “Download Zone” and any downloading you do during that time will NOT count against your “download allowance” as specified in the fair access policy (FAP). But what if I exceed the download allowance?! After learning about the download zone, one of the next logical questions is: what if I get FAPed

How much bandwidth does NetFlix streaming use? [DEFINITIVE ANSWER]

Q. Hello, I am in US and have netflix and want to stream movies but i also have a sucky monthly bandwidth cap of 12.5GB. I want to make sure I don’t go over my monthly limit. Can you tell me how much bandwidth netflix streaming takes like per hourly?! Thx in advance!!! -PaulT from MN A. Great question Paul! Bandwidth caps are quite a bummer and you are wise to be aware of your usage. I can tell you