Dodge City Kansas has Sprint 4G!

WiMax to be exact.  Downloads speeds were around 10mbs max, 5mbs min.  I did not have a chance to test the upload speeds.

UPDATE: added Dodge City KS 4G speed test results

Device used for test: Motorola Photon

Location of test: inside the Verizon store at 14th and Wyatt Earp!


  • Uncle Harley

    Abbreviated version: Have you heard about any good hog hunting in Arkansas, Illinois or Indiana, all of which allow night vision?

    • Hi Uncle Harley,
      Sorry for the delay in responding. I was just thinking about your comment last night but we were on vacation in CO without internet. Unfortunately, while I have heard of feral hogs in MO etc. I have not heard anything about night vision / night-time hunting of them 🙁 Sorry to not be of more help!

      Best regards,

      PS I think you get the reward for most unusual comment ever on my blog 😉 j/k

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