Mod an Atrix lapdock to work with Motorola Photon, Electrify etc.

My Motorola Photon for Sprint arrives today and I am preparing for some lapdock modding! Here are a few good resources related to the Atrix lapdock + Photon as well as some resources comparing the lapdocks in general (LapDock 100, LapDock 500, Atrix Lapdock, etc.)

Photon working with LapDock! - xda-developers

Photon working with LapDock! – xda-developers** UPDATED WITH PICS ** I just got a LapDock from an AT&T store thinking I can mess with it to make it work with my Photon. After disassembling the docking connector, I found…
Lapdock 100 observations - xda-developers

Lapdock 100 observations – xda-developers the month that I’ve used the Lapdock 100, I’ve come across a few things that keep it from being a truly outstanding product. First of all there are a few differences between… Thanks for the info. As far as webtop goes, if 1.2.0-174 is stable I’ll be updating UbunTop & WebTop+. Expanding lapdock 100 features: -webcam: most likely all that’s needed…

[to be updated]

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