Duke Nukem Forever & AMD Dual Core Optimizer (on Intel!)

Recently I experienced some stuttering while playing DNF with my buddy Kevin. I tried adjusting the video settings to lower quality, yet I still experienced stutter and visual lag (not ping related).

Eventually I narrowed the potential culprits to:

#1 stuttering from a slow RAID1 hard drive setup that DNF/Steam was loaded on

#2 AMD Dual Core Optimizer was installed by DNF/Steam even though I have an Intel CPU

#3 the NVIDIA control panel being set for 3D acceleration to “optimize for quality” instead of “optimize for performance”

#4 outdated NVIDIA drivers (I recommend always using the latest version unless you know a reason not to…)

To resolve the stuttering I did the following:

#1 backed up DNF, then uninstalled Steam from the slow HD and reinstalled to a fast SSD (solid state drive)

#2 Uninstalled the AMD Dual Core Optimizer (Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs)

#3 Went into the NVIDIA display settings and changed to “optimize for performance”

#4 Checked nvidia.com and determined that I already had the latest drivers

After doing all those, the stuttering was GONE. I am now playing stutter free and at even high quality settings than before, woot 🙂

NOTE: normally I would have done those items one at a time to determine which resulted in the biggest improvement. Alas I was strapped for time and did them all at once… If you too are having DNF stuttering issues, I hope these tips will help you too!!!

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