Dell M6600, M6700, M6800 car PSU

Q. Yo yo hoss, can you hook me up with some info on a power supply that will let me use my Dell M6700 in the car? Gracias!

A. Hola good sir!

It is a bit tricky for the M6700, it uses a fairly large power supply so Dell does not even offer a car adapter that I know of 🙁
However, I did find a couple options I would recommend:

#1 Traditional DC power supply that people say will run the laptop well, but does not supply enough to charge at the same time:
It will maintain a charge, and may top off a charge if you are are 90%, but it will not charge from 0% to 100%. So if you make sure your laptop is already fairly well charged, you should be able to use it in a car for as long as you want (the battery will not be drawn down, but it may not charge either. Also, if you have the laptop off it should charge it in the car.
I have had similar experiences when using Dell AC adapters that were only 90 watts… they would power the M6700 just fine, but the laptop would not add any charge until I switched to one of the larger power bricks. So I would not worry about this hurting your lapto.
#2 400 watt inverter
This give you a couple AC outlets and a couple USB charge ports. Plug in your existing Dell AC adapter and you should be good to go.
The only potential issue would be if your cigarette lighter fuse is too small amperage, but on a modern vehicle I do not anticipate that being an issue.
#3 Dell Car adapter
This last option, I hesitate to recommend because people say it tends to fail in high power usage situations.  However, for completeness I will list it here:
Let me know if you have any questions!

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