Dell PowerEdge 1950 III Drivers and Firmware Updates (2013)

I recently set up two new Dell PowerEdge 1950 III servers. One for (free blog hosting) and one for Branson’s Nantucket (a lakefront resort in Branson). Dell makes very nice servers but their support pages can be a bit confusing. Therefore, here are the latest updates/drivers for the PowerEdge 1950 III, as of July 2013:

Latest Dell PERC 6/i Integrated Update, v.6.3.1-0003, A14 1. Fixes an issue where the Perc battery does not always charge up properly, causing Virtual Disks changing from Write Back to Write Through. 2. Removes system events that relate to partial…
Latest DRAC5 Update1.65 release Q3FY13 DRAC5 Update — The release is aimed at upgrading expiring DRAC5 certificates, feature additions and known issue fixes.
Latest Dell BMC Firmware, v.2.50, A00 Security Update –Dell BMC Firmware, v.2.50, A00
Dell utility for creating a bootable floppy/USB/ISO image Dell 32-bit Bootable Diagnostic Distribution package.

After performing all the updates I installed the servers at the datacenter in Tulsa. Now the servers are up and performing admirably. 🙂

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