+Cancel FreedomPop Premier service [SOLVED!]

Question: Hello J.D., I have read your FreedomPop articles in the past and I really like their free internet services. I made sure to downgrade to the free plan and I love it. However, now I am getting a $9.99 bill for “Premier service” and I can not for the life of me figure out how to cancel it 🙁 Can you please help me cancel? Thank you, Tony K.

Answer: Dear Tony, thank you for your message. Yes, I think I can help!

Here are the steps to cancel your FreedomPop Premier Service:

This should save you the $9.99 a month and still keep you free plan 🙂

Log in to your FreedomPop account via https://www.freedompop.com/

Select the “My Account” menu option and then select “Services”*

*please note that if you have multiple FreedomPop devices, you may have to use the drop down device list in the upper right hand corner to select the device that is incurring the Premier service charge.

Next to FreedomPop Premier select View Details

Under “My Services” and to the right of FreedomPop Premier, select View Details

You will see a page similar to this:

Scroll down past all of this…

Scroll ALL the way down and at the VERY bottom of that page in tiny text there is a cancellation link, click the cancellation link:

Click the tiny “click here’ link 🙂

A confirmation screen will pop up, select “Downgrade anyway”

Downgrade anyway

Yet another confirmation screen will pop up, select “Downgrade and lose data”

Downgrade and lose data

There will be one final screen trying to convince you not to cancel. Persevere and select “Downgrade Anyway”

Downgrade anyway (one more time!)

Success!!! 🙂


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