How do I cancel Boost auto-boost?! [solved]

Question. How do I cancel my Boost mobile “Auto-boost”, I want to go back to just manually re-boosting (recharging, topping up, etc.) my phone! So far, all I can find is this:

To cancel out of Auto Re-BoostSM you must actively unsubscribe by calling Boost™ Customer Care at 1-866-402-7366 and they will help you out and get you unenrolled.

In this day and age, isn’t there a way to do this online?!

Answer.Yes, you likely can cancel auto re-boost online

UPDATE: 2011.09.19 I tried the online cancel feature (normally at step 2 during the “auto reboost” setup) and it seemed to skip from step 1 to step 3 without letting me cancel… so I went ahead and called the 800, actually 866, number and had to speak to a representative (Kathy) to get auto reboost canceled. Thankfully she was very helpful and it was painless.

Previous info:

Here’s how Boost Mobile describes how to do it:

Can I change or cancel Auto Re-Boost?

Of course. Some changes, however, will require that you re-enroll in Auto Re-Boost.

  • If you’re on a per minute or per day plan, you can change your Low Balance Auto Re-Boost payment amount or unsubscribe from Auto-Re-Boost. However, you will be required to re-enroll in Auto Re-Boost if you change your default payment amount.
  • If you’re on a per month plan, you can unsubscribe from Monthly Auto Re-Boost, but you can’t change the payment amount. The payment amount is automatically determined based on your monthly payment amount/plan.
  • You can change or update your credit or debit card information anytime, but you will be required to re-enroll in Auto Re-Boost.

Login to My Account.

  1. After you login, click on the ‘Re-Boost’ or ‘Add Money’ tab and select the link at the bottom of the page to set up automatic payments.
  2. Here you will be able to update your current Auto Re-Boost settings or check the box to un-enroll from Auto Re-Boost.

You can also change or cancel your Auto Re-Boost by dialing #ADD (#233) from your Boost® phone.


I hope this helps! Also, if you hit any snags with this process I’m sure the original support phone # would work as a last resort.

NOTE: for reference here’s the description of the “Auto Re-Boost” feature:

Auto Re-Boost allows you to register a credit card or debit card with Boost Mobile®, which can be used to automatically make a payment according to the type of plan you’re on.

Per Minute or Per Day Plans:
You can enroll in Low Balance Auto Re-Boost which allows you to select a preferred Auto Re-Boost amount (between $10-$99) that will be automatically charged to your credit/debit card and added to your account when your balance drops to $5 or below. This way you won’t have to manually add money to keep your service active.

Per Month Plans:
You can enroll in Monthly Auto Re-Boost which allows your monthly payment amount to be automatically debited on your monthly payment date from your credit/debit card that is registered with Boost®.



  • Peter

    Thank you so much! Been trying to cancel for 2 months now! The pictures and directions were so helpful!

  • Sarah

    It worked! Thanks! They made it VERY hard to undue this (because of course they want it set up so they can be sure to be paid). Do you know anything about cancelling? I read there was a 30 day trial period where you could see if the service works for you and get a refund if not. They told me that is not the case and I’d lose my entire monthly payment and not refunded even pro-rated basis.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your comment!

      I am sorry to hear that Boost made it difficult to cancel 🙁

      From what I can tell, their stance is that since “there is no contract, there are no refunds”. I know it’s a bummer but at least you aren’t locked into a two year contract!

      Sorry to not have better news and I hope that your future phone experiences are better 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Sharon Lyttle

    Boost makes it inpossible to cancel, I tried every link on my phone which puts you around in circles and never gives you a cancel or represetative option, its ok, I am dealing with my bank on stopping the automatic payments and will report them if they take another cent out of my account.

    • Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you were unable to cancel your Boost automatic payments. 🙁

      Your idea of stopping payments via your bank should definitely prevent Boost from making further withdrawals. 🙂 However, I recommend making sure your Boost account is closed and/or you are in good standing, just to insure that ‘past due’ Boost items will not show up on your credit report etc.

      Have a great week!

  • Steve P

    Boost is very un ethical as they intentionally make it near impossible to cancel your account if you have lost the phone. Boost also will not release your phone number so that it can be transferred over to a new carrier. The FCC should shut down Boost Mobile completely.

  • Jane McVeigh Schultz

    Thank you so much for your tip about canceling Boost auto payments. This is the first time I’ve talked with a polite, competent person at Boost. I explained that I had changed carriers because the service was so poor. It took him only 30 seconds to handle my request. He asked why I had switched and I told him that I would have stayed with Boost if previous service people were as intelligent and helpful as he was. “You should be president of the company. Maybe you could turn things around.”

    • Dear Jane,
      I am very happy to hear that my tip helped and that you had a good experience with your Boost mobile support person.

      Have a GREAT week!

      Best regards,

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