Acer Aspire V3-771G memory upgrade


The Acer Aspire V3-771G is a very capable 17.3″ laptop that can often be found for a bargain price if you shop around. However, one of the nicest features about this laptop is its extreme upgradeability. It is an easy machine to work on and with a small amount of work you can have up to 32GB of RAM and dual SSDs (or hard drives). 🙂 For a non workstation machine, this amount of upgradeability is quite rare!

Upgrade details

To give you an idea how easy it is to upgrade the memory on this laptop, here is a photo showing all of the access covers open and the (4) DDR3 SODIMM memory slots plus the (2) 2.5″ SATA bays just waiting to be filled:

Easy access and loads of expandability :-)

Easy access and loads of expandability 🙂

PS Here is a full resolution version of that photo

Acer V3-7716 Notebook: Recommended Memory

NOTE: I have had some people message me about what RAM I recommend for the V3-771G and this is my top RAM choice:

Corsair 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 SODIMM Memory Kit (CMSO16GX3M2A1333C9)

(And you can buy either one kit or two, for 16GB or 32GB of RAM)

Overall I give this laptop a 5/5 stars for upgradeability!

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  • Pradeep

    JD – I did a memory scan using CPU-Z and the results show the memory installed on my V3-771G-9441 is Hyundai “11-11-11-28”. Do you think the memory recommended by you will work on this system. Even Corsair Memory Says “DDR31600 Class 11”.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Vince

    Hey JD

    I just bought a V3 – 771g and have a question about installing a SSD into the second HDD spot. I have read on some reviews that the HDD caddy and screws are not included for the second bay, could you confirm this? I would like to get everything I need to put the SSD in at one time so I don’t have to mess with waiting for parts to get in.


    • Hi Vince,
      Thank you for your good question! I can confirm that the V3-771G that I purchased did NOT come with screws/caddy for the 2nd hard drive bay.

      Here is a photo showing the 2nd hard drive bay on my laptop:

      However, thankfully, the parts your are looking for are easily available on eBay 🙂

      Best regards and enjoy your nice laptop!

      • Vince

        Hey JD,
        I got the SSD in, formatted, and cloned Windows 8 onto it using this method: Everything seems A-OK but I cant get my BIOS to boot from the SSD. I tried moving around the boot order in BIOS but it still boots from the pre installed 1TB HDD. Did I forget a step or something? Do I need to put the SSD in the 1TB bay and vice versa? I thought this procedure would be in my scope of computer knowledge but apparently not haha. Any help you could give would be much appreciated!



        • Hi Vince,
          Glad to hear you are adding a SSD! Sorry to hear about the initial trouble, I would be happy to try to help 🙂

          If you haven’t already, I recommend temporarily removing the 1TB HDD to see if your V3-771G will successfully boot from your SSD (when only one drive is installed).

          +If the SSD boots at that point, then we can go from there troubleshooting what is causing the incorrect boot order…
          +If the SSD does not boot, even when it is the only drive, then there is likely something wrong with the clone (i.e. maybe this whole time the BIOS was trying to boot from the SSD but when it found it non-bootable it would revert to the other drive (HDD) and try.

          Hopefully that makes sense, please report back once you have trying SSD boot only 🙂

          Best regards,

  • Vince

    Hey JD,

    I removed the 1TB HDD and it boots just fine from the SSD. What should I try now?



    • Vince

      Hey JD,

      I just put the HDD back in and rebooted and its now booting from the SSD! Hopefully it stays this way!



      • Awesome Vince! It never hurts to do a little experimenting, good job on your part. I am very glad things are back in good shape for you 🙂

        Take care and keep us posted on your tech adventures,

        PS Have a great weekend too!

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