How to flash BIOS upgrade on MSI motherboard via USB

If you are trying to update your BIOS on a MSI motherboard, like the new MSI AM1I, be aware that there are some requirements. Specifically, if you are using a USB thumbdrive to contain the BIOS update file, make sure you format it as FAT32 and not exfat or NTFS! You can download the latest version here:

(dl link)

Once you have a FAT32 formatted USB drive containing the BIOS update, you can boot into the BIOS /UEFI (press DEL key at bootup) and go to M-Flash -> Update BIOS -> Select file to update BIOS after that you should be good to go 🙂

Flashing progress indicator in the MSI BIOS/UEFI interface

Notes: I could not find any indications of what the latest BIOS fixes, but I do know that my PS/2 keyboard is now usable in Windows (not just the BIOS) after the upgrade. Also, the 21x multiple remains in the new BIOS, woot 🙂

AM1I (MS-7865) V10.0 BIOS Release

1. This is AMI BIOS release

2. New BIOS Release

3. 2014/02/24

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