Stop Foxit Reader from opening the “start” tab [SOLVED]

Disable Foxit Reader Start Tab and Advertisement

Foxit is a nice PDF reader, but they recently made some changes that I find annoying. Primarily the new “Start” tab that opens every time you open a document Thankfully, the start tab is easily disabled in Foxit Reader: File -> Preferences -> General -> uncheck Show Start Page I also like to disable the advertisement: File -> Preferences -> General -> uncheck Show Advertisement

Best Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector

Galaxy S6 Screen Protector, amFilm Tempered Glass (Front) and PET (Back) Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6

UPDATE: new screen protectors are now on the market, with great new features and even better warranties. We are currently testing the new contenders are will be updating our review. Until the new screen protector testing is completed, here is our original review winner:   We recently spent a week testing to find the best screen protector for the new Galaxy S6. The best overall protector was the amFilm Tempered Glass (Front) and PET (Back) Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6 with

Link AdSense with Google Analytics [HOWTO]

Link Google AdSense and Google Analytics

One of my favorite features of Google Analytics is the ability to see which web pages are generating the most AdSense revenue. However, before this option is enabled for reporting, you must link your two accounts: AdSense -> Admin -> Property -> AdSense Linking After you click that link and complete the steps, you should have a plethora of new AdSense data to look through!

Bitcoin tax issues, accounting and bitcoin inheritance

Bitcoin is one of many “virtual currencies” out there. With its recent rise in popularity it is becoming increasingly more common, however, there are some tax issues that you should be aware of if you are considering purchasing or mining bitcoins: What happens when I sell bitcoins or when I die and my children inherit my bitcoins? The CFO’s Guide to Bitcoin, Part 2: Taxes and Accounting questions don’t always seem to have easy answers. But recent government announcements have

Format FAT32 on 64GB, 128GB, 256GB USB flash drives on Windows

64GB USB flashdrive formatted at FAT32

Need to format a > 32GB USB flash drive as FAT32 but Windows won’t let you? No problem, here is a free and safe utility that you can use to format your thumbdrive:   (dl website) More details and background: Recently I needed to format a 64GB USB flash drive as FAT32. This was for use in a Chevrolet vehicle that requires FAT32 and 32K cluster sizes in order to read from high capacity USB flash drive. I ordered a

E-file vs Mailing Taxes – Audit Risk Analysis

E-file vs Paper filing for federal taxes Some information on the pros/cons of e-filing and the potential audit risk of each method: Does e-filing increase your chance of an audit? › Tax Pros / Tax Prep Fees / Tax Returns › Taxes › June Walker tax pros believe just the opposite: That it’s better to file a paper return because the percentages are in your favor. “E-filing would increase your exposure to an audit because… Ten Ways To Audit Proof

Fix GOM Player distorted sound

GOM Player Audio Filter Settings

If your GOM Player has very distorted/scratchy/popping noise during video playback, then here is a setting you will want to check: Preferences -> Audio -> Audio Effects tab -> Voice Filter -> Disable Setting the audio effects voice filter to ‘None’ resolved the sound issue for me. Previously the ‘cut’ filter had been checked and it was causing some terrible sound issues on certain videos, I am not sure how the checkbox ever got check but it could have been

How to maximize my Earned Income Credit [Self Employed]

2015-04-07 14_14_34-On Demand Tax Guidance - How is EIC Calculated Determined

Here is some very helpful info if you are self employed with (or without) chilren and you want to know the maximum credit you may receive: How Is My Earned Income Credit Calculated? TurboTax can calculate this for you automatically. The amount of your earned income credit depends on: – Your income (both your wages & total income are part of the calculation) – How many qualifying children you have: none, one, two or three. To receive the maximum credit

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