SkyGrabber Review [updated with screenshots and download]

If you’ve read about the security vulnerability of US military drone planes, like the Predator,  you probably wanted to checkout the Russian  SkyGrabber software to see what all the fuss is about. Unfortunately, their site seems to be down due to all the traffic.

Hopefully the military (or the company that builds the drones) will fix the vulnerability soon!

UPDATE 2: download links for Skygrabber link #1, link #2 (mirror)

UPDATE 1. Here is a screenshot of the Skygrabber program in action:

Screenshot of the Skygrabber software in action

Screenshot of the Skygrabber software in action

Screenshot source:

Skygrabber Site

Until their official site comes back up,  here are some ways to view their site as well as a cached version of their frontpage and the SkyGrabber page:

Frontpage of the site (cache)

Frontpage of the site (click, then click again to enlarge for full version)

Information page for SkyGrabber (cache)

Information page for SkyGrabber (click, then click again to enlarge for full version)

More ways to view the SkyGrabber pages and more info:

Google cache of the skygrabber page (Dec 17, 2009)

Internet Archive version of the skygrabber page (from late 2008)

Wall Street Journal article

NOTE: this content is publicly available and is provided for informational purposes only.

Coming soon:

SkyGrabber Review


  • Neil

    “Apparently the Predator transmits video over an unencrypted link,”

    That is ridiculous. Who designs anything that transmits any sensitive material unencrypted?

    “Pentagon officials have known about this flaw since the 1990s, but they didn’t think insurgents would figure out how to exploit it. ”

    And that is just more evidence of how disconnected and useless government is to the real world.

  • J.D.

    I hear you Neil.

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