How to suspend DirecTV account?! [answer]

UPDATE: if they tell you that you have suspended the maximum amount allowed for the annual period, you may want to try telling them that “in that case I need to cancel my service”. In my experience, they will quickly accommodate you after that.

If you’re going on vacation and want to suspend your DirecTV account while you’re away, here’s the phone number:

1-800-531-5000 and let them know you would like to suspend your service.

Here are the requirements that DirecTV lists for suspending your service:

  • Zero balance on your bill
  • Customers with only 1 account are allowed a maximum of 2 suspend requests every 12 months
  • Customers with 2 or more accounts are allowed a maximum of 4 suspend requests per account every 12 months
  • Total time with service suspended per 12 month period can not exceed 6 months
  • The minimum time for an account suspend is 30 days

Unfortunately there is currently no way to suspend your account online from the website 🙁

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