One Click or No Click DVD Ripping [HOWTO]

Q. Helloz… ive been backing up my DVD collection b/c Im worried about scratching them. i like DVD shrink on Windoze but it takes a few clicks to do it. Is there a 1 click way to make it eazier and faster? thx n advanc –DVDFan91

A. Interesting spelling and good question. 😉 There are a few resources out there dedicated to the one click or even NO click dvdrips, so yes you can make it happen!

NOTE: please make sure to comply with all relevant laws in your jurisdiction.

I will start with the simplest first and then get into more complex (and powerful) solutions:

RipIt4Me - Download

RipIt4Me – Download have tried many different type of “backup” programs… RipIt4Me automates all my procedures in to one simple click. With RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, and DVD Shrink, now…

[simple application that allows for ripping with a minimum of prompts/options required]

DVD Rip Automates One-Click DVD Ripping

DVD Rip Automates One-Click DVD Ripping [NEW VERSION!] only: Rip and back up any DVD to your hard drive with DVD Rip, a freeware Windows application that automates the entire DVD-to-hard-drive backup process. All you need to do is insert your DVD, run DVD Rip, and let it take care of the rest…

[updated script that automates the ripping process and really does make it one click]

Hack Attack: One-click DVD rips

Hack Attack: One-click DVD rips [ORIGINAL OLD VERSION]’m sick of renting or Netflix-ing a DVD, getting an hour into it, then hitting the scratchety-skip zone that freezes up my DVD player and leaves me unable to finish my stories.
My solution to this problem is to rip every DVD I rent to my hard drive as soon as I get it. In my experience, a rip smooths over those un-renderable sections of the DVD without issue, so when I’m ready to watch the ripped DVD, it’s certain to be scratch and skip-free. Since I’ve got no time to sit around clicking through dialogs to rip my DVDs, I’ve put together my very own one-click DVD ripping solution.…

[original, and very easrly,  script that automates the ripping process with a minimum of extra features]

No-click DVD ripping? - Home4Film - Home Theatre for the rest of us

No-click DVD ripping? – Home4Film – Home Theatre for the rest of us [Even converts to MKV] want to be able to drop a DVD into the drive and rip it automatically to my library. Are there any tools that will let me do this? […] Here’s a fully-automated DVD ripping solution I’ve put together. It is still a little rough around the edges, but will create an accurately named MKV file with associated…

[the most complex solution, actually compresses it to MKV after ripping]

[to be updated if I find additional solutions…]

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