Good work and play day

The bulk of the day was taken up with business. I woke up early and Samantha slept in. This is a reversal from yesterday where I really caught up on my sleep. After waking up it was time for me to do some hardcore work: NetRender – We had good sales on NetRender (mainly trees, shrubs & grasses, and flowers) and it turned out be one of our highest grossing sales days yet. – We had a new advertiser,


Whew, we made it home! After traveling for a week, including time for both business and pleasure, we are now perched comfortably on our couch :-). We got back about 3:40PM. This gave us just enough time to unpack and clean up a bit before heading to our nearest neighbor’s place for supper. They had invited us over and it turned out to be a very tasty meal and a fun evening. We had to head out a bit early

Update from Tulsa: Delightful Evening

Samantha and I arrived in Tulsa this afternoon. Then we spent some time recooperating from the past few days excitement: Easter, Samantha’s birthday(s), plus good times with great friends and family. Tonight we headed over to the Fettkether’s place for dinner. The evening was replete with delicious food, birthday cake, homemade root beer and great company. Kaldun was on top of his game tonight. He showed me his new pet Mooshu, played the violin for us, enjoyed a present that

Samantha’s Birthdays

This post will be updated periodically until Samantha’s birthday on the 14th of April… Here is a photo from her birthday last year: For her birthday she always seems to end up with ribbon in her hair! We’ll be going to Springfield/Bolivar for the day of Samantha’s birthday. So today we’re doing a little early celebrating here at the farm. Samantha is getting one of her favorite meals for lunch (chimichangas) and we’re opening a few presents tonight. Presents so

Panasonic GH1 vs. Canon 500D (and Nikon D90)

Yesterday I saw one of my favorite professors at Gabe’s beautiful wedding (renewal of vows). My professor is going to be taking a nice scenic trip in May and he’s looking for a new camera. I believe he has it narrowed down to the Panasonic GH1 or the Canon 500D. He wants an interchangeable lens camera for traveling and he wants good video (preferably 1080p). We talked shop a bit about which camera was best for his purposes. I knew

First Jobs

I enjoyed reading how Jesse’s boy just got his first job. I am trying to remember my first job, and the first jobs that stick out are: selling lemonade (in Colorado), mowing lawns (in Oklahoma), and sorting receipts for my parents. Anybody else remember their first job(s)?

UPS is amazing

UPS amazes me. My package left Seoul Kora yesterday and it will be here today. It was free shipping too. I’ll wait until a later post to discuss the contents of the package, but I am extremely excited about it! SEOUL, KR 03/24/2009 5:56 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN […] WILLOW SPRINGS, MO, US 03/25/2009 8:17 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY