Amazing new bedroom!

Today Samantha surreptitiously rearranged the bedroom all while I was working in my office. I had no idea any of this was going on, though I should have realized something was up due to the unusual silence around the house. In the end it was a total surprise to me!

She did an amazing job. Now it feels like we have an entirely new awesome bedroom, whereas before it just seemed like we had a room with a bed in it :-).

So perhaps it’s not an entirely new bedroom, but it sure feels like it is! Many, many thanks to Samantha!!!


  • Elizabeth A Crosswhite

    Samantha is ALWAYS rearranging bedrooms. I’m surprised that this is the first.

  • I was trying to be as sneaky as possible so that you wouldn’t wander in during the process and freak out at the mess I had made.

  • DC Wornock

    I’ll admit that Samantha is awsome. I took the liberty to use a slightly cropped version of one of her Hawaii photos in a black bikini with the ocean in the background as my desktop.

    I first searched ‘desktop bikini’ in google images but all the photos I found were just too much whatever. They just didn’t seem natural and/or too obviously promotional.

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