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Travel router tips: use Android for Internet, Ethernet crossover cable for file transfers

I have a makeshift travel office setup: Lenovo X220, Dell M6500, Dell 27″ LCD, keyboard, mouse and a couple Optimus V Android phones… Wifi Hotspot: useful for more than just internet connection sharing! I’m working for a few weeks away from home with only the equipment above. One of the handiest features has been the Android phones. They have the Wifi hotspot feature enabled. This allows both laptops to connect to the Android phone and share its internet connection. But

ASUS RT-N56U WiFi Router Review

ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router (RT-N56U) NOTE: Review will be updated once performance testing is complete… tentative rating so far:  [starreview tpl=16] Pros: +easy setup +small size +two USB ports! +decent SAMBA transfer speeds (6Mbs-8Mbs actual throughput) +supports NTFS on USB devices Cons: -cannot use external antennas 🙁 -unusual power connector (if the power supply dies, you are likely NOT going to have a compatible spare laying around) -unusual case design could make mounting/positioning difficult (though it does look

Google Page Speed Service (speed up your website with Google)

I came across Google’s Page Speed Service today, here is the description of their service: Page Speed Service is an online service to automatically speed up loading of your web pages. Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers, rewrites your pages by applying web performance best practices and serves them to end users via Google’s servers across the globe.  […] You can run tests to measure the speed up of your site in a few minutes. Page Speed Service is currently offered free

Rich snippets in Google and WordPress using GD Star Rating

[this post needs to be reformatted and elaborated on, but for now here are the links that helped me get both AUTHOR and RATING rich snippets working on my blog :-)] VERY nice info on configuring GD Star Rating Good general overview of the task at hand and all the related info How to test to see if your rich snippets are formatted correctly and visible to Google

St. Louis Retail: the good, the bad and the ugly

I spent the past few days with Samantha and Hazel in St. Louis. We were visiting my longtime buddy and business partner John. We had a great trip and accomplished a lot of fun stuff (dining out, talking, playing) as well as some serious work (computer & server installation, house planning, etc.) One thing that really struck me though was how poorly St. Louis retail locations were performing. Service at Best Buy, Target, Old Navy and several other places was

Monitoring Apache2 bandwidth usage by individual VirtualHosts

At we have been going through bandwidth at a fast pace lately. We use Apache2 as our web server,  and while we have some rough bandwidth monitoring tools, we could really use a more granular view of bandwidth usage. The ideal solution for us would be a time configurable view (i.e. hour, day, month, year) of bandwidth usage on a per VirtualHost basis. While researching solutions these were the most useful links I found: Apache Virtual Host Bandwidth Monitoring

Really good iOS apps: example 1 [Wild Fables]

Developing an iOS app is not that hard. Developing a good iOS app is surprisingly hard. It is always nice to see a developer doing things right and really creating a valuable app for the end user. Therefore I was very happy to come across some good coding tips here: How to Write an iOS App That Uses a Web Service | Ray Wenderlich this tutorial, you’ll get hands-one experience with using web services, by writing an iOS app that communicates

Shed to office conversion!

Misc progress report below: 2011.10.18 finished cleaning out shed and removing all existing fixtures/items 2011.10.19 reinforced west wall, installed 36″x36″ window Thurs 10/20 x Seal gaps with expanding foam Fri 10/21 x roofing felt x wood supports x Install foam Sat/Sun 22/23 Taking a break for a trip to play disc-golf in Winona and visit John in STL. Stopped by Lowe’s to pickup supplies including screws and trim. Mon 24th (x) Pickup poplar wood for trim (80%) Plywood up (80%