Webtop2SD notes for Motorola Photon on Sprint

How to install webtop2sd 2.0.1

How to tell if you’re actually booting from the SD card
Are you actually booting from your SD card? You can find this out by checking the Diagnostics tab in webtop2sd, under “Currently mounted webtops”. If mmcblk1p12 [or similar? -JD] isn’t listed, you’re not booted from your SD card. If this is the case, report what ROM you’re running from.

WebTopScripts – Fixing apt-get dependencies on WebTop

Use this to get a different desktop environment after installing Webtop2sd
Very specific xfce4 desktop instructions:
How to just get LXDE running without even having to use Synaptic etc. to add anything

Cool screenshot:

Getting an image viewer for the WebTop File Manager

Info about the AWN dock

Apps I have installed via Synaptic:

Apps that were already installed (at least after running Webtop2SD and the Webtop2SD scripts…)
  • leafpad – nice simple text editor

Notes about different MicroSDHC cards for use with Bionic, Photon, Electrify, etc. and WebTop2SD:

  • 32GB class 4 Sandisk card: takes 20 seconds to load firefox 🙁
  • 32GB class 10 PNY card: takes 6-7 seconds to load firefox 🙂
  • Read about cloning microSD cards

Screenshot(s) of my Webtop2SD install/desktop:

Double clicking an image in File Manager and viewing in eog (eye of gnome)

[end for now]

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