Dell Vostro V131 Review

NOTE: This is a first draft / outline. The review will be updated with more info and photos…

  • Startup time and hard drive
    • Slow startup with conventional hard drive and a bit of bloatware (trend micro, Dell utilities)
    • Hard drive space from factory: 262GB free of 283GB
  • Cooling and fan noise
    • It has one dinky little cooling fan. Small fan = has to spin fast. So when the fan kicks in you really notice it.
    • Thankfully, the fan is not on all the time. The laptop also stays cool on your lap which is a nice change from a lot of Dell laptops like the M4400 (and other makes/models, like the Apple MacBook Air).
  • Trackpad: good overall. Responsive and not prone to errors. Two finger scrolling supported but not nearly as good as on recent MacBooks.
  • Screen: surprisingly good.
  • Pros:
    • +Matte is awesome.
    • +Plenty of brightness.
    • +Viewing angles are better than average.
  • Cons:
    • -Darks are not super dark.
    • -Not the most vibrant display ever
  • Keyboard:
    • +Keyboard backlight is EXCELLENT
    • +Keys are easy to type on and I did not find myself mistyping
    • -Some keys are LOUD (like the backspace key and the UP arrow key) [may have received a slightly bad keyboard???]

Overall rating: 4/5 stars [starreview tpl=16]

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