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Using PTV3000 with Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 2

Here are the steps that I took to get my PTV3000 working with ‘AllShare Cast’ on my SGN2 and the SGS4: #1 Download the latest firmware for the PTV3000: (dl link) #2 Connect power and HDMI to the PTV3000 #3 Press the button on the side of the PTV3000 for 7 seconds #4 Connect to the ‘PushTV’ wifi network #5 Open in my web browser #6 Follow the web page prompts to upload new firmware #7 Wait for PTV3000

How to find the URL for AdSense ads

If you utilize the AdSense block URL feature, you may need the URL of specific ads. This can be a bit tricky with graphical adsense ads as they generally do not visibly list the URL! 🙁 Thankfully, the solution is pretty easy 🙂 Right click on the ad Choose ‘Copy link URL’ Paste the resulting URL into your favorite text editor Amidst all the text, look for a valid URL… voila, that is the particular ad URL that you are looking

Recommended Amazon Seller: Hyperion Electronics 5/5 stars

I am writing this to highlight the exceptional customer support that I received from Hyperion Electronics, I truly rate them 5/5 stars and they have exceeded my expectations. To learn why I am so happy with their customer support, please continue reading… 🙂 Ordering a case and cover I recently ordered an extended battery for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I was happy to order from Hyperion via Amazon because I had good luck with a Hyperion extended battery on my

Examples of good Twitter business designs

While redesigning a twitter page, it has been surprisingly hard to find good design examples to follow. Here are a few URLs with sample designs, some are pretty awesome and some not so much… 😉 Regardless I hope that something here will help you if you are in the same situation I am! Effective Twitter Backgrounds: Examples and Current Practices | Smashing Magazine profile page is the only place on Twitter where you get opportunity to showcase your visual brand

HP Envy 14 Spectre Reviews and SERVICE MANUAL

Interior peeling on BMW 325i (and similar)

[begin] Interior Pillars – Bimmerforums – The Ultimate BMW Forum just took out a whole weekend to work on my interior pillars. They were originally gray and I re-did them in black suede. Here are some pictures. Sorry the pics are kinda big.… How to remove interior pillar trim – Bimmerforums – The Ultimate BMW Forum need to remove the suede trim covers on each corners pillars. The fabric is bubbling and is about to come off. I want to