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Turn X220 Bluetooth ON

Today was the first day I used bluetooth with my Lenovo X220 ThinkPad. The process is simple, but make sure you enable bluetooth┬áby pressing Fn+F5 and change the Bluetooth status to “Radio On”: Once you turn the radio on, Windows 7 will display various prompts. When you pair a device (in my case bluetooth speakers)┬áWindows 7 may install some necessary drivers and then you should be good to go. More X220 Bluetooth info: X220 activating Bluetooth – Off by default

Razer Blade 17″ gaming laptop review

The Razer Blade┬álaptop is one of the most intriguing ‘gaming’ laptops to come along in quite a while. There have been a lot of “hands on” previews posted since the laptop was announced but only recently have real reviews stared to come online. As I find real reviews I will be posting them here along with some comments: Razer Blade review — Engadget Gaming Screen size 17.3 inches Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 Processor speed 2.8 GHz System RAM 8

Google Page Speed Service (speed up your website with Google)

I came across Google’s┬áPage Speed Service┬átoday, here is the description of their service: Page Speed Service is an online service to automatically speed up loading of your web pages. Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers, rewrites your pages by applying web performance best practices and serves them to end users via Google’s servers across the globe.┬á […] You can┬árun tests┬áto measure the speed up of your site in a few minutes. Page Speed Service is currently offered free

List of Android apps I have uninstalled

My LG Optimus V Android phone does not have much internal storage space, so I try to install as much to the SD card as possible and generally keep it pretty “lean”. Unfortunately, this means I sometimes uninstall apps that I really do like… but I just do not use them enough to justify keeping them and using up valuable space. So that I don’t forget these apps (in case I need them at some point in the future), here’s