Using PTV3000 with Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 2

Here are the steps that I took to get my PTV3000 working with ‘AllShare Cast’ on my SGN2 and the SGS4:

#1 Download the latest firmware for the PTV3000:

(dl link)
#2 Connect power and HDMI to the PTV3000
#3 Press the button on the side of the PTV3000 for 7 seconds
#4 Connect to the ‘PushTV’ wifi network

Connect to the PTV3000's wifi network

Connect to the PTV3000’s wifi network

#5 Open in my web browser
#6 Follow the web page prompts to upload new firmware

PTV3000 firmware update screenshot

PTV3000 firmware update screenshot

#7 Wait for PTV3000 to reboot
#8 Start AllShare Cast on my Samsung Galaxy device
#9 Connect!

Enjoy wireless display from your Android phone to your HDTV or LCD monitor!


PS if you would prefer to download the PTV3000 owner manual you can find the download link here

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