Recommended Amazon Seller: Hyperion Electronics 5/5 stars

I am writing this to highlight the exceptional customer support that I received from Hyperion Electronics, I truly rate them 5/5 stars and they have exceeded my expectations. To learn why I am so happy with their customer support, please continue reading… 🙂

Ordering a case and cover

I recently ordered an extended battery for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I was happy to order from Hyperion via Amazon because I had good luck with a Hyperion extended battery on my Motorola Photon.

However, when my Note 2 extended battery arrived the included back cover (that fits on the phone to accommodate the new battery) was broken. 🙁

Also, the Note 2 extended battery TPU case that I ordered seemed to be a different color than what I saw on Amazon.

They followed up on my order

Thankfully, after receiving my order I received an email from Hyperion asking if I had any issues with my order or if there was anything they could do to improve my customer experience. I responded as follows:

Thank you for contacting me.

I have ordered a number of your products in the past and have always been satisfied with them.

However, in this instance I had some issues when I received the products:

#1 Hyperion Samsung Galaxy Note II 6200mAh Extended Battery + Titanium Grey Back Cover (Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100, T-Mobile Galaxy
-the grey back cover was cracked when I received it

#2 Hyperion Samsung Galaxy Note II Extended Battery HoneyComb Kickstand TPU Case Red
-the red case seems much more faded than what is shown on the Amazon product page, if I had known that I would have ordered the blue or black version instead

Thank you in advance for your help in resolving these matters.

Best regards,

Fast Response Time and Generous Product Replacement

Here is their response which I received about 30 minutes later:

————- Begin message ————-

Sorry to hear that! Here’s how we are going to help… We have always attempted to treat each of our customers like we would want to be treated, and in light of that I have done two things: FIRST, I have shipped you out replacement items of:

ITEM: Hyperion Samsung Galaxy Note II Titanium Grey Back Cover – cover only AND
Hyperion Samsung Galaxy Note II Extended Battery HoneyComb Kickstand TPU Case-Blue
TRACKING # [removed for privacy]

SECOND I have decided not to ask you to waste the time to ship back the defective items, and would ask that you just dispose of them when the working ones arrive.
Thanks and have a good day,
[…name removed for privacy…]
Hyperion EA

Needless to say, I am VERY pleased with their customer service! Thank you Hyperion Electronics 🙂



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