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Best CHEAP Nikon/Nikkor lenses

These are the best cheap lenses available for Nikon. The definition of “cheap” in this list is going to be lenses readily available for less than $250* USD. Some of these lenses are out of production and you will have to buy used, others are brand spanking new and you can pick them up on Amazon or your other favorite photo store. These are all “5 star” lenses in my book: [starreview tpl=16] Read on for the goods… *if $250 is too

Bought & Sold: Olympus E-P1 – 12.3 MP Digital Camera & 14-42mm lens

Introducing: Bought & Sold This entry marks a new feature on Bought & Sold Here I will list items that I purchased and then sold at a later date. Simple enough huh? Here we go… First item: Olympus E-P1 12.3 MP & 14-42mm kit lens This was my second Micro Four Thirds based camera and it was quite a lovely little camera. 🙂 Purchase date: 2009.06.16 Purchase price: $799.99 (from Sale date: May 27th, 2011 Sale price: $320.00 Owned for:

The best dynamic-range cameras, updated for 2013


NOTE: this is a rough-draft and as such it is meant to be updated, please view these findings as preliminary and in progress. Thanks! As photography enthusiasts are well aware,  there are a number of image-quality criteria that are important when choosing a camera: +lens/optical quality +color fidelity and color vibrance +dynamic range I will save the first two for later, but today I did want to briefly discuss dynamic-range and start compiling a list of the best d-range cameras:

Official OLYMPUS Battery Charger for XZ-1 the LI-50C

SUMMARY: Normally the XZ-1 charges via USB but Olympus also makes an official plug-in battery charger for the XZ-1 AND it is available via Amazon with Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping 🙂 Olympus CHARGER LI-ION LI-50C: Camera & Photo Weight: 13.6 ounces Shipping Weight: 1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies) Shipping:  ASIN: B0017GSPN0 Item model… Item price, approximately $23.57 USD     BACKGROUND INFO: The Olympus XZ-1 is a wonderful little camera. My wife makes extensive use

Canon SX230: an awesome GPS geotagging camera! [REVIEW]

As you may have already read in my mini-review, I’ve been having fun playing with my mother-in-law’s snazzy new camera, the Canon Powershot SX230 HS. Canon SX230 HS Review & Sample Photos mother in law recently purchased the camera and my wife has one of its predecessors, the SX210. Overall Canon has made some nice enhancements to this latest model and it truly is a splendid little camera for walkabout photography. Its main draw being that it packs an amazing

51 New Palm Tree Textures at

We have some brand new palm tree textures over at NetRender: 51 Palm Tree Textures – NetRender.com unique palm trees from around the world. These high quality palm tree images com from the USA (California, Hawaii), Mexico and other tropical locales. The images are… At 51 images, it’s one of the largest collection of high-res (transparency mapped) palm tree images anywhere. John and I worked on it for what seems like forever! The images are from around the world, but

Photography Links Feb 22nd: Ideas and Olympus Art Filters

Add drama to landscapes in Photoshop – PhotoRadar a great tutorial! Every time I think I’m going to have to delete shots that I didn’t think worked out as well as I hoped, you guys come out with technique’s that rescue my… 10 photography project ideas to try at home | News | PhotoRadar in a rut and looking for a new challenge? The answer is on your doorstep with these photography projects to try at home. 32

Olympus E-P1 & E-PL2 Photography Links (2011/01/25)

A couple photography links. The first has a nice technique of combining RAW+JPEG to deal with high ISO noise on the E-P1. The second link is a lovely review of the Olympus E-PL2, checkout the nice photography in the review :-). It’s a pleasant change from the regular dpreview style review! The Online Photographer: Can You Get Good ISO 6400 from an Olympus E-P1?’ve just hit upon something rather cool and somewhat unexpected. Some of you will recall a